"WEAVE GOLD came from a song Wizard by Mariee Sioux."

"It seemed so perfect"

Weave Gold (ウィーヴゴールド)のストーリーは2011から職人のKyra(キラ)がbrick stitchを学んだ時に始まりました. ビーディングに至るまで刺繍やペインティングなど学び続けたビーディングを学び After experiencing the process of embroidery, sewing, and painting, she finally found beading.  

Her unique creation of beading comes from her own inspiration of her surroundings from Idaho (United States).  She reflects her background and her love of nature to her creation's color, shape, and feel. We are very excited to share with you more of Kyra's quirks and story. 

Listen to the "Wizard" while you're at it....

I) What is your background?

I grew up in a small ski town in Idaho in the United States, where I grew up skiing with my family. as I got older I moved to the capital of Idaho, Boise, where I am going to school for horticulture. I am drawn to the healing properties of the medicine that is in abundance all around us, in plants! My background is then between beauty within making jewelry and the beauty that is in our flora. A lot of my beaded work comes from the inspiration I gather while being around these plants.

II) Were you always an artist? Why do you create the things you create?

I'd say I have always been an artist seeking to find the art that I related most with. I took up painting canvases, painting pottery and embroidery for awhile but they didn't seem to give me the fulfillment that beaded has given me. I found beadwork because I love jewelry and I wanted to learn how to make my own specific pieces that no one else was making. I create because it gives me freedom everyday to wake up and explore my mind for new creations. It allows me to work from almost anywhere and when someone tells me how much they adore their handmade earrings that I've created for them, no other job has ever made me feel such a powerful part in someone's life.

Courtesy of  Weave Gold

Courtesy of Weave Gold

III) What is your inspiration? Where do they come from?

I find inspiration everywhere. It's always changing. When I'm out exploring, I see colors that are so beautifully put together naturally which fills me with motivation to get home and start beaded with the colors I recently had an experience with. Mother nature creates the best color combos! I am also incredibly inspired by all the talented and motivated female artist out there. We as women are a heavy force and the magic we create with our hands is only as strong as how high we lift each other up. Seeing other people share their creativity to the world makes me enjoy crafting so much because I feel apart of something large than myself.

IV) What is the store behind this collection?

I love the natural tones. They are so clean and classic This collection was created with the intention to make timeless pieces with timeless colors with small pops of color and design. I was also inspired by the beauty of the large blocks of color. When those blocks of color are mixed with the solid white beads, it creates a more contemporary look. My mother loves white It's the only color she will wear so naturally, I think I'm drawn to the pureness hue of white tones. Everything goes with white and it is so striking! Especially when worn from the ears in contract with hair and skin tones.

V) What do you like to do when you are not creating?

I am a full-time horticulture student so if I'm not creating, I'm usually doing homework and if it's not homework, then I love to do anything outside! I love swimming, hiking, camping, exploring, gardening, sleeping under the stars, dancing and eating! My partner bought a 1987 Volkswagon Vanagon last summer so I love adventuring and taking road trips in that beast. This spring, I will be graduating and I'm very excited to say that my partner and I will be travelling this summer in our Volkswagon Van, possibly indefinitely. I will continue to pursue beadwork on the road and I'm eager to see where it takes me and how my craft may evolve. I also really love my alone time so I spend a lot of time at home, drinking tea, and hanging out with my cat, Lola. That's usually when I'm crafting, during my along time.

It's like my own form of meditation.

Courtesy of  Weave Gold

Courtesy of Weave Gold

VI) What is your workspace like?

Right now it's still a mess from the post holiday making frenzy. I usually work at my desk with music or a podcast playing, and ALWAYS a cup of tea. I typically have several projects going at once so I will have several types of beads lying out in different places on my desk. My office is in my home which is amazing and lately, I've been working from my kitchen table because the winter sun is low and my office doesn't get enough natural light in the winter. My craft allows me to work from anywhere really. So I've packed up some beads, a needle and thread and made jewelry from the backseat of the van while taking day trips to get " out of the office". I feel very fortunate that my craft allows me to work in most environments and I'm not stuck to one place.

VII) Have you been to Japan?

I've never been to Japan but I would LOVE to visit someday. My partner speaks a little bit of Japanese so it's definitely a place on the list.

VIII) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I don't know if I wouldn't go anywhere! I really love warm weather so really anywhere warm, near water and somewhere with really good food!

IX) If you were gifted with super power, what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

That's a tough one! I think I would like to stop time. As I get older, I feel like time is speeding up and things are happening too fast. So I'd stop or slow down time for myself and those who would like a little more time doing the things they love doing before that Monday morning starts all over again.


Thanks so much, Kyra.

""Art is flawed and there are  bound to be errors when something is handmade but it is beautiful in it's own way and someone somewhere will appreciate the quality and dignity behind the craft made by human hands. Everything you create is gold. So I like to think that while I'm beading, I'm weaving gold."

See her creations here.