"Molly Debiak is a graduate of Studio Jewelers Ltd. in New York City, NY. There she was trained in the profoundly traditional ways of metal fabrication, lost wax casting, and diamond setting. With every piece she creates, she strives to achieve a balance between these precise methods and the imperfections of the organic world in which she finds her inspiration" mollydebiak.com  

Seatlle based designer, Molly Debiak's recent collection "the Relic Collection" entails a soft wind on waves, like the time you went to an empty beach. Its gentle, minimal, delicate, intricate, and eye catching.  Everything handmade, Molly creates each one of the pieces herself putting time, love, and good intentions in hope that the  each pieces are long lastly loved and worn by the owners. 

We love her jewelries and its soft and desaturated tones that they reflect.


1) What is your background?

I originally went to school and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor Recreation. That was over ten years ago, and I have never once used that degree! About 4 years ago, I began training in jewelry design and metalsmithing.

2) Why do you make the things you make?

I haven't always made jewelry, but I've always been interested in using my hands to create functional art.  Before I became a metalsmith, I would fill my spare time with sewing odds and ends for our house, baking, and cooking.  I became a metalsmith because I was fascinated by the medium, and wanted to see my ideas come to life in gold and silver.

3) Please describe your creation in three words.

I would describe my work as: organic, subtle, and intricate.

4) Where does your inspiration come from?

I am most inspired by the outdoor world. My creations are guided by natural forms, and I am completely delighted by their imperfections.

5) What do you like to do when you are not creating?

I am chasing around a 2-year old! In the rare event that I find myself a little spare time, I'll take myself on a long run outside.

6) If you had the opportunity to live anywhere you would like in the world, where would it be?

I would love to live in so many places! I would love to spend a few years in the desert of New Mexico or on the coast of California. I've also always wanted to live in France, Norway, and Denmark.  However, if I had to pick one place to settle down in for the rest of my life, I would choose Alaska.  I lived there from when I was in my late teens to my mid-twenties, and it feels like home more than any other place I've been.

7) Have you been to Japan before? If so, what was your favorite thing to do?

I have never been to Japan before, but I would love absolutely love to visit! I would love to eat fresh, local seafood, travel into the mountains, and also shop! I have a huge appreciation for Japanese textiles, ceramics, and fashion.


Thank you, Molly!