@ in her studio.

@ in her studio.


Ivy Weinglass (aka. I I I V V V Y Y Y) creates ceramics, textiles, and stuff.  

She is a Brooklyn based artist, stylist, set designer, and a production designer, notable for her {open palm plate}. She makes these beautiful ceramics from her studio in Brooklyn, New York, where each pieces are hand-carved by scratch and painted by her own.  

Since her first ceramic class that she had taken for her birthday 2 years ago, she had been obsessed with the ceramic process. She had not stopped since then.  Ivy's recent collection was inspired by the Japanese traditional shibori, where the unique indigo swirl reflects its orthodox technique. These plates are carefully made and totally unique, in which reflects the open palm of protection,  strength, and deflection of the evil eye.

Aside from ceramic creations, Ivy often collaborates with photographers and other designers for a set design.  She is a multi-designer, a true creator.


We asked her few things what readers would like to know about.

1) Please tell us about your background.

     I was born in New York City and lived here until I was 10, then I moved to Los Angeles.  I came back to NYC immediately after high school and went to college here at NYU studying marketing and media.  I had always drawn and been super artistic but decided against going to art school, I figured a more business career would help me out in the long run! I did that for awhile and then realising it was not for me I switched over to freelance styling and prop-styling.  That was fun, but I realised that world wasn't for me either! I was feeling super confused and lost about what to do in life and my parents got me a ceramic class for my birthday 2 years go and I just became obsessed since!

2) We love your open palm plates! Why do you make the things you make?

     The open palm came from me- for a very long time- collecting vintage and thrifted hand shaped pieces. I wore a necklace with a hand for years and always picked up any hand shaped glass or ceramic piece I could find when thrifting! I also always burned sage and palo santo and needed a place to put it and why not make my own open palm ceramic piece for my incense!

3) Where does your inspiration come from or what is your inspiration? or who?

     Traveling always helps, so does just relaxing and allowing inspiration to hit.  But I mainly find inspiration happening in the studio when I give myself a change to play and mess up and get dirty and makes mistakes! Thats how I've come up with everything I really love!

4) Do you or your team make these open palms by hand?

     oh its ALL just me!! I do the making, the glazing, the firing, the shipping, the marketing, the emailing-- all me! I don't use any molds or anything, each piece is hand drawn and molded & painted all by me.  Though I'm thinking I may get an assistant for holidays as thats A LOT of hands to make!

5) Would you call yourself a ceramist?

     I still feel uncomfortable saying that as I'm still so new in the world of ceramics and know SO LITTLE, but my goal in life is to be a ceramicist and I think I'm making my way there!

6) When you are not "creating", what do you like to do? Or what would you like to try?

     I love to travel. I am currently planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest to camp and explore! But on a day to day level I love biking to a different neighborhoods and adventuring, eating, thirfting, and watching TV in bed! I also love seeing my friends and family and doing different crafts like sewing and quilting as well as just relaxing. 

7) Have you been to Japan before? If so, what did you like or didn't like about Japan? Where did you go?

     I haven't but it is a DREAM to go to Japan. My friends and I always send each other links for cheap airfares to Tokyo and I know one day we'll actually just buy a ticket and go!


Thank you, Ivy !


Visit here, to know more about Ivy.