brick & braid の初ポップアップイベントを開催いたします。


1. webでは気になるけどまず目で見て手で触れてから購入したいと考えている方

2. ピアスや指の大きさが分からず、実際につけて決めたい方

3. 気になる服を自分に合わせてみたいと思われる方

4. 天気の良い日に美味しいコーヒーを飲みたい方

5. 太陽の下でエアストリームと共にウェスターン風に交流したい方!



|日付|4/15 (sat) ー  4/16 (sun)

時間|11:00 - 18:00

|場所|the AIRSTREAM GARDEN (表参道ヒルズ裏道)



We are OH SO HAPPY to present our 1st POP UP shop event @ Omotesando, collaborating with the amazing coffee brewer AIRSTREAM GARDEN on 4/15 (sat) - 4/16 (sun) from 11:00 - 18:00.  We will be introducing some of the top viewed items on the web, as well as new collections from independent designers worldwide.  

You can come and hang out with us in the Airstream, check out amazing handmade items, drink dark roasted coffee, and say H-E-L-L-O! 

See you soon.


spring / summer bags!


These Filt bags had finally arrived!

As a lover of these bags personally, I am oh so happy to get these market bags in the shop for everyone. These chic net bags are extremely versatile -  you can take them to the market and use as your grocery eco-bag, OR you can use this as your gym bag, OR you can even put your dirty (or clean) laundry!, OR you can hang them in your room for visual appeals.  No matter how you use them, these eye-catching bags are meant for your lifestyle.






Peace Vibes for summer.

Open Palm Plate (triangle) by iiivvvyyy

Open Palm Plate (triangle) by iiivvvyyy

Now that we had enter into rainy season in Tokyo (oh no..), that means we are only 1 month away from summer (yay!) !

We just got our first Open Palm items in the shop! These had been eyed for quite a while, and I am so happy it had finally arrived!

The Open Palm plates are handmade and glazed by ceramist and lovely artist iiivvvyyy (self titled from ivy weinglass) from New York. 

Each plate is carefully made for a one-of-a-kind unique finish and you can see that the small details make a perfection with a single palm or with an entire collection.

Not only do these palm carry your white sage, incense, or jewelries but also a sense of protection from an evil eye!



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