Welcome to brick & braid. I am extremely excited that you are here and reading this. You may be wondering who we are and what we do. Well.. this is it.

brick & braid is a Japanese lifestyle shop that curates the work of artisans and craftsmen that are functional, simple, and  yet classic.  We are inspired by the simple things in life that surrounds us, from a walk in the park, a hike in the mountains, or to making a chocolate fudge brownie.  Every step that we take has it's own meaning, as every process for makers has it's own story.  We aim to make this a place where the local community meets communities abroad.

東京のライフスタイル・セレクト・ショップのbrick & braidです。



<A little bit about me> 

I'm Japanese born and was raised almost nomadically in various parts of the US. My family and I traveled and moved a lot which may be the reason why I am always looking for new things to do / see / go.  Living in different environments all the time molded me to meet various makers / artisans, experience the culture, and be inspired by the differences.