Hello 2017 !


Happy New Years, everyone! 

It's been such a great year introducing brick & braid in half of 2016 and having all kinds of support to run this had been such a pleasure, joy, and appreciation for everyone who is looking at this.  

Thank you very much for leaving your footsteps and we hope you enjoy what you see/read here.  With more sale/events/project we have lined up here, I hope 2017 is as great as 2016 for everyone out there. 

Illustration by Oliver Jeffers.

Illustration by Oliver Jeffers.



2016中旬に brick & braidをご紹介させて頂き、世界中のたくさんの方々にお越し頂き、お買い物頂きましたお客様へ感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。今年もセールやイベント開催を予定しております。ブログは要チェックです!