Tokyo Craft Market


「秋」ポップアップshopを「art/craft」をテーマにTOKYO CRAFT MARKETとコラボしました。

TOKYO CRAFT MARKET では世界のクラフトマンのご紹介し、情報化、日本の職人の技を伝承すること、ヴィンテージ家具の輸入販売、空間のコーディネートなどを通常、グローバルな視点で新しいこと勝ちを創造します。


並列のFARMER'S MARKET でフレッシュな野菜とコーヒーを飲みながら、

ふらっと brick & braidのブースに遊びに来てください。


   |日付|11/25 (sat) ー  11/26 (sun)

   |時間|10:00 - 16:00






We are excited to announce our fall POP UP

Collaborating and partnering with TOKYO CRAFT MARKET, come join us outdoor in the heart of Tokyo (Aoyama /Shibuya) on

11/25 (sat) - 11/26 (sun)

from 10am - 4pm

@ Tokyo Craft Market

We will be introducing some of the newly selected collections from independent makers worldwide and locally such as Rock Salt Vintage, Mimi Ceramics, Open House Projects, and Wary Meyers. 

You can come and hang out with us and check out rare-to-find handmade items, buy freshly made organic vegetable at the Farmer's market next door, and listen to some good tunes. Don't forget to come by and say Hi !

Looking forward to seeing your pretty faces!