brick & braid is coming to America!


brick & braid is coming to America!

We are very excited to come to America, our once-to-be motherland!

Due to our nature of travels, after visiting the Indonesian treasure island, we will be coming to the west-coast (sorry east-coast, next time!) to LA, Reno, Santa Fe, Austin, NOLA, SF  to meet some of our artisans, friends, and family. Not only that, there will be visits to national park, forest, and deserts and mountains as well as eating some of the best "American" beers/coffees! 

For any recommended cafes/shops/shows to go within those areas, please DM at anytime!

We would loooooove to meet & greet.

Here we go!


(All shipment will be sent out after 8/19. Please contact us for any inquiries, Thanks!)