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2019年初めてのポップアップshopを「Tennozu Harbor Market vol.13」にて開催します.

- concept - 


TENNOZ HARBOR MARKETは天王洲アイルの地域活性化および、天王洲Canal Sideからの文化発信を目的としています。

   |日付|3/9 (sat) ー  3/10 (sun)

   |時間|11:00 - 18:00


   |住所|東京都品川区東品川2丁目1 天王洲アイル第三水辺広場


お時間のある方は、ふらっと brick & braidのブースに遊びに来てください。


We are excited to announce that we will be popping up a the Tennozu Harbor Market!

Collaborating and partnering with Tennozu Harbor Market, come join us outdoor in the heart of Tokyo Bay on

3/9 (sat) - 3/10 (sun)

from 11am - 6pm

@ Tennozu Harbor Market

We will be introducing some of the newly selected collections from independent makers worldwide and locally such as Newend, witu, Molly Debiak, Na Nin Studio, JHannah, and urukust.

 Tennozu Isle has certainly been revamped from sleepy backwater to up-and-coming area in the past few years. Part of that effort is shown in the renovation of the old warehouses and the waterside boardwalk, which now play host to a monthly market. You'll find antiques, secondhand books, vintage fashion and more at a good 100 stalls. The covered market also boasts a stylish glass-faced kitchen, plus various restaurants and cafés. Grab a coffee, shop a little, and sit back by the waterside while contemplating life.

Looking forward to seeing your pretty faces!


Precious Gold


brick & braid でずっと取り扱いさせて頂いている Merewif から新たなジュエリーが入荷しました. 作家 Savannah (サバンナ)によるハンドメイド・ジュエリーとなります.

現在は妊娠中の彼女ですが、最近はアレルギーの方でも対応可能な純金(10K gold)仕様の指輪やピアスを作成し始めたそう. 




New Year, New Wallet


Everyone’s favorite WALLETS are in.

These vegetable tan leather wallets are made with Japanese cow hide full grain leather,

handmade cute & sewn by the maker, Yasue Tsuchihara aka .urukust.

Her unique leather wallets reflects simplicity, function, and style -

her innovative design focuses on the utmost minimalism by using the least metals for zippers and clasps.

Check out her 3 types of wallet from here


New Golds




そんな海からの名を付けたデザイナー Savannah (サバンナ)のジュエリーコレクションが再度入荷しました。今回の新しいコレクションは前回の [1978] という家族愛を表現したデザインの継続版。