Attalie Dexter Home + Accessories is designed and produced by Attalie Dexter in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. (United States).  Formerly known as Shades of Grey, the jewelry line began in 2009 with one-of-a-kind pieces and has evolved to limited edition collections and now included home accessories.

Coming across her skillful work through the grapevines of the internet, we had made the initial contact and found this artist as sweet, creative, and detailed as she could be within her produced work.  Attalie's devotion to amazing craftmanship entails a perfect combination of modern, light, and soft (geometric too!).

Attalie's work has been featured in Vogue, Brooklyn Magazine, Refinery 29, Daily Candy, and Time Out.


We had asked her few things about what readers would like to know about.

1) Where does your inspiration come from?

       I get a lot of inspiration from nature and architecture.  I'm also often inspired by the materials I collect. I go on trips to vintage deadstock jewelry and metal supply warehouse to search for unique materials.  I use vintage and natural materials for all of my pieces.  I love taking classes (like pottery) and this introduces me to new artists and leads me to discover new techniques.

2) Do you or your team maker everything by hand?

       I design and make each item by hand! I'm currently doing it on my own; everything from sourcing materials to emails to packing and shipping out orders.  I'm hoping to hire a small team later this year:)

3) Why do you choose to make what you make?

       I just make what I love and have the most connections with!  I have always loved accessories and interior design, so this direction feels natural for me.  I studied mixed media art in school and I love using different and unexpected mediums.

4) What is your favorite thing to do?   

      I love being outdoors and spending time with my husband and friends!

5) The name "Attalie" sounds so unique and sweet. What does it mean?

     Aww Thanks:) It doesn't have an exact meaning that I know of, but my father decided on it before I was born.  I was self conscious of it when I was younger because it was so unusual and I was shy and didn't want extra attention,but I've grown to love it.


Thanks so much Attalie!         


Visit her website here.